Welcome to the SPAZA podcast

Each episode of the SPAZA podcast will bring you tools, insights, and information on how to start and run a business in the townships of South Africa. Whether you’re thinking of it, have a side hustle-nyana, or you are already running your own business in a South African township, the SPAZA podcast… (read more)

Kamran Elahian on building and investing in unicorns, risks to look for in startups, and how Africa's tech hubs can boost innovation

It's not often one gets to sit down with a person who has built as well as invested in some tech unicorns (a company with a $1 billion-plus valuation). It is also not often that such a person would be humble enough to admit their failures in business and celebrate them as lessons despite the temptation to paint themselves as a flawless hero. Kamran Elahian is… (read more)