We believe that Africa's stories are best narrated by those in the trenches, living and working on the continent.

iAfrikan Radio is a brand and service of iAfrikan Media, a media company that is at the forefront of researching, analyzing and telling Africa's stories in sectors such as business, digital technology, telecommunications, society and culture. Africa is home to many cultures, and as such, every narrative you hear has many layers to it depending who tells the story. We commit to broadcasting podcasts that will bring you the different sides to each story to help you make sense of it.

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Our Team

Ndzalo Mpangana

Ndzalo oversees the recording, editing, and broadcasting of all iAfrikan Radio podcasts.

Sihle Ndhlovu

Post-recording sound engineering, mixing and sound design.

Balungile Mbenyane

Balungile was the producer and host of the first season of The iAfrikan Weekly podcast which first launched in 2016.

Tefo Mohapi

Tefo is responsible for conceptualizing new podcasts for iAfrikan Radio. He also hosts The Tefo Mohapi Show.